LEV = "Light Electric Vehicle"

Documentation for LEV projects

including: eRowbike, eSkyBike, JPods bogies, ebikes, ...

Overview - General
eAssist Methods used to provide electric assistance & control to LEVs.
Connectors Connector overview and diagrams, including charts for generic Infineons, Grinfineon, Phaserunner, CA3, etc.
Troubleshooting Tools and methods used to identify and diagnose all the systems found in typical LEVs.
Bogies In-track bogies developed and built by and with JPods, Inc.
eG20 Bacchetta G20 with Grin All-Axle motor front wheel drive
eRowbikes Prototype implementations of e-assist for Rowbikes, including eRowbike1, eRowbikeX
eSkyBikes Prototype implementations of e-assist for Scott Olson's SkyBikes
eStreetMachine HP Velotechnik StreetMachine GTe with Grin All-Axle motor front wheel drive
Other eBikes Other miscellaneous ebikes, including Lee Iacocca's "eBike", and a Grin eZee conversion kit bike.
Batteries Documentation for the batteries we are using.
BionX This was a proprietary ebike 'conversion' system aimed at both OEM's and end users. It relied on components all custom designed and manufactured allowing different existing bike styles to utilize e-assist.
Computers/CA The CycleAnalyst version 3 (CA3, CA) by Grin Technologies is the main computer used on many of our LEV prototypes to control all parameters affecting e-Assist.
Controllers BLDC controllers we have used, including: generic Infineons, Grinfineon, Phaserunner, VESC
Motors Brushless DC ("BLDC") electric motors we are using
Car seat Repurposing a car seat as task chair for computing, movie watching, and lounging.
eTree Development of an ethernet connected Ash tree -- "eTree"
HVAC Placeholder for HVAC development