eRowbike & eSkyBike Documentation

e-Assist Covers the Strain Gages and other methods used to provide electric assistance to Rowbikes.
BionX BionX was a proprietary approach used to provide assistance to eRowbikeX [now canceled; BionX bankrupt]
BogieDyno All documentation for the BogieDyno developed and built with the assistance of JPods, Inc.
CA The CycleAnalyst version 3 (CA3, CA) is the main computer used on our erowbike prototypes to control all parameters affecting the e-Assist.
CA - eRowBike1 Program settings for the CA when used on the eRowBike1
CA - eSkyBike1 Program settings for the CA when used on the eSkyBike1
Controllers Includes all BLDC controllers we have used, including the generic Infineons, the Grinfineon, and the Phaserunner.
INA Documentation for the design, construction, and use of Instrumentation Amplifier circuits.
Motors Documentation for the mainly brushless DC (BLDC) electric motors we are using.
HVAC Temporary (scratchpad) home for HVAC development