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Documentation for Brushless 3 Phase DC Controllers (Infineon, etc.)

PhaseRunner: FOC, DC 90 volts, 3,600 watts, 40 amps

Justin: "There is a lot of talk about sinusoidal and field oriented controllers ("FOC") on this board which is a good thing to finally see happen. Both sinusoidal and FOC controllers run brushless motors silently with no hum or buzz, but a FOC by definition also automates the phase advance process so that the motor is driven at optimal timing even at very high RPMs. This makes them work well over a broad range of motor types and as a result this has been our go-to controller source for all our interesting EV projects."

Bill James acquired the first two units of these Phaserunners for our joint projects in Aug 2016. We intend to primarily pair these controllers with Alexey's RV-100 and RV-120 BLDC motors.

Inventor/developer/manufacturer: Justin Lemire-Elmore of in Vancouver, BC; (he prefers email over PM's on;)

We're using the post-beta, BAC 8000 potted units from Grin. Catalog page for PhaseRunner on Grin Tech site

Main thread on Endless Sphere (ES) forum: includes links to Firmware and Programming (Setup utility, FTDI drivers, etc.) PhaseRunner on ES


The PhaseRunner is based on the ASI (Toronto) manufactured BAC8000 controller, which used the "Bacdoor" software to program the controller's operating parameters and run the "Autotune" procedure to match the controller to a particular motor -- the actual motor, not just it's model or type. Justin at Grin redesigned the circuit board to fit into a smaller form factor, added better wiring and switches, heatsinks, and potted the entire controller.

Using the PhaseRunner software, on ES
Justin's updated GUI controller software can be downloaded at the following links:
(MacOS version just going through some adjustments)

Phaserunner & Crystalyte 3525

First test run 16 Sep 2016; I made an adapter for the Hall sensor mini 5 pin plug on the 3525 to mate with the 'standard' Grin JST-SM-5 Hall connector, where pin 1 is GROUND and pin 5 is +5VDC. The Phaserunner phase wires didn't match the Crystalyte's wire colors, so I swapped the YEL and BLU outside wires on the Phaserunner side (GRN remained the middle phase wire on both sides). This did NOT work. The static spin test just had the wheel do a violent "shudder" (no rotations). I got an erroneous result screen with a "Kv" value of 1.54 RPM/V, and "Warning: Invalid hall sensors! Running sensorless. Hall Offset 0 degrees". I did forget to set the parameters to use the Hall sensors, but that didn't really seem to make a difference when I corrected that and re-ran the Autotune.

I then switched the BLU and YEL phase wires back to their original positions on the Phaserunner and re-ran the Autotune, selected "Hall sensors" (on start and run -- Grin recommends Start with sensors, but RUN sensorless, will try that next). This time the Autotune finished without any errors, and everything seemed to work fine. The speed in the dashboard display seemed too low with WOT, but the Sigma indicated a ground speed of 22.8MPH, which is right where it should be. This is using the default "Torque" throttle with my pill bottle throttle control, so the "loaded" speed may differ.

Note that when using the Lyen Infineon controller, we also switch the BLU and YEL wires, so maybe it's important to connect the phase wires "Infineon" style, even on the Phaserunner. I thought it auto-detected all of the wire connections.... will need to confirm that. To begin with, I've left all other settings at their defaults.

Lyen Infineon

Grinfineon: DC 48 volt, 1500watt, 45 amp


On all Grinfineon controllers, the 0.0 to 0.8V throttle range is mapped into a proportional regen mode, so the lower your throttle voltage goes below 0.8V the more regen you get. This should allow you to "reverse" the throttle, assuming that the throttle if left untouched outputs between 0.9 and 1.1 (approx?) volts.

Alternatively, you can also activate the ebrake, and while ebrake is "ON", increasing the throttle will increase the amount of regen.
Grinfineon controller regen chart

Infineon: DC 36-84 volt, 1500watt, 45 amp

Batch: GT20140802-02-15G15

Wiring Color Code

(courtesy of BJ: via email 05/08/2015 12:37 PM)
Infineon controller output wiring photo

Circuit Board

Photos of Infineon circuit board (via MrBill's website)



Testing the throttle

1) Use the "Throttle test" feature of the controller/motor tester.
2) Confirm +5VDC on the power input (Red wire) and open it up to WOT. You should get ~4.2VDV+ on the sense/signal/output (Green, etc.) wire.

Hall Sensors

Testing hall sensors

The smaller Green/Yellow/Blue wires are INPUTS to the controller, from the motor's (typically three) Hall Effect sensors.
1) Use the "Hall sensor test" feature of the controller/motor tester. Rotating the motor by hand, with the test leads clipped on, makes the LED's blink in seuquence.
2) Testing the Hall sensors in the MOTOR:
When Hall sensors are fed +5VDC on the power input (Red wire), the signal/output wires (green, yellow, blue) should alternately go HIGH (+5V) and LOW (0V) when connected to ground (thin Black wire) as the motor is slowly rotated backwards by hand.
3) or, Tutorial on youtube



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